North Asheville Dog Park

A group of dedicated dog owners is working to create an off-leash park in North Asheville – we are the Friends for a North Asheville Dog Park, and we would love for you to join our efforts! The North side of Asheville lags behind the East and West parts of town, which have welcoming, safe, spacious dog parks. We hope to catch up, with the support and involvement of other dog lovers. We generally meet once a month in the Education Room at Animal Hospital of North Asheville. 


  • A well-socialized dog is less likely to develop behavior problems such as aggression and excessive barking. An outdoor "club for canines" may help reduce associated neighborhood conflicts. Puppies and dogs that get enough exercise by playing are less likely to create a nuisance, bark excessively, destroy property, jump on passers-by, etc.  
  • A valuable benefit of a dog park is what is does for the dogs themselves. It gives them the space and freedom to run off-leash with other members of their species, all while being safely supervised. In order for dogs to be healthy and well socialized, they need off-leash time to exercise and play with other dogs. A well-exercised (a.k.a. tired) dog is a happy, healthy, quiet dog and a better neighbor.  
  • For many people (particularly the elderly, singles, and those with disabilities), the dogs really are their only companions. If they can go to a dog park, it gives them a reason to get dressed, go out, socialize, play with their dog, and strengthen that bond between them and their community. Dog parks provide the elderly and disabled owners with an accessible place to exercise their companions or get their animal fix.
  • A dog park would provide opportunities for people to socialize and share valuable, responsible pet ownership information because of the common bond shared by dog owners. Dog parks can bring people together and create a greater sense of community. Dogs help shy people "break the ice".   



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