20 Fun Facts About Cats

  1. A group of cats is called a ‘clowder’
  2. Female cats tend to be right pawed, while male cats are more often left pawed.
  3. Cats can swallow and digest their food without chewing it
  4. Isaac Newton invented the cat flap door!
  5. On average, cats spend 2/3 of every day sleeping.
  6. Cats dream! When cats enter a deep sleep, they produce the same brain wave patterns that humans do when dreaming.
  7. Cats make about 100 different sounds. Dogs make about 10
  8. Cats can purr continually as they inhale and exhale.
  9. Cats purr around 26 purrs per second.
  10. Young cats purr in a monotone, while older cats can purr in 2-3 resonating tones.
  11. Cats hate the water because their fur does not insulate well when it’s wet. The Turkish Van, however, is one cat that likes swimming. Bred in central Asia, its coat has a unique texture that makes it water resistant.
  12. A cat can jump up to five times its own height in a single bound.
  13. Their pulse is between 160 – 250 beats per minute depending on age. The younger the cat, the faster the heartbeat.
  14. Most cats have 5 toes on their front feet, and 4 on their back feet. Cats with more than the standard number of toes are called “polydactyl” - see photo!
  15. Cats can’t taste sweets. The taste buds of a cat cannot detect sugar.
  16. Cats have 32 muscles that control the outer ear (humans have only 6). A cat can independently rotate its ears 180 degrees
  17. Cats can see in the dark much better than humans. They can see at 1/6th the light level required for human vision.
  18. Those whiskers aren’t just cute! Whiskers gauge whether or not a cat will fit through an opening.
  19. A cat’s nose pad is ridged with a unique pattern, just like the fingerprint of a human.
  20. In just seven years, a single pair of cats and their offspring could produce a staggering total of 420,000 kittens. (So important to spay/neuter your pet!)