2015 Pet Gift Guide

Have your furry friends filled out their holiday wish lists yet? Are you looking for that purrfect gift to give your four legged friend? We have some great ideas for you! With the help of our recommended certified pet trainers and our staff, we have compiled a few new items to add to our comprehensive gift guide for this holiday season. Click Here to read the comprehensive gift guide.

A few of our favorite things:

Animal Hospital of North Asheville (some of our staff and clients’ favorites)

Dog-Ed  (www.dog-ed.net)

  • Puzzle toys (they come in all shapes, sizes and level of difficulties)
  • This is a great toy for dogs who love balls: Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Treat Dispensing Dog Toys
  • Long Lines (leashes) for your dog when you take them on “sniffy walks.” “Sniffy walks” are walks where it is all about your dog and what they want to sniff and explore. These walks are slower paced walks and you may not end up going very far, but your dog will thank you for them. The Clix brand recall line is a favorite. Using a recall line (not a retractable leash) allows the dog freedom but allows you to still have control and provide security. 
  • 2 Hounds Design Jingle Free Tag and Collar: great for dogs in agility sports, reactive dogs and for people who do not enjoy the sounds of jingling tags.

Sit, Stay, Bark and Play (www.sitstaybarkandplay.com)

  • Tuffie Toys - soft and durable pet toys (please link: )
  • Planet Dog - products include: tuff toys, toys made especially for senior dogs and puppies, leashes, harnesses, collars, travel food and water bowls and bags and much more.
  • Outward Hound Games for Dogs - interactive treat seeking puzzles and toys to exercise your dog’s body and mind.
  • Perfect for your dog on chilly days: Ruffwear Climate Changer jacket.
  • 10% off your first training session at Sit, Stay, Bark and Play with a Go Local Asheville Card

Mindful Mutz (www.Mindfulmutz.com)

The Dog Door Canine Services   (www.dogdoorcanineservices.com)
The DRIVE Store is located in downtown Asheville and offers a unique assortment of hand-picked trade secret tools for dogs (i.e. humane and effective no-pull harnesses, anxiety treatments), treats, colorful collars, practical outdoor gear for dogs, the best books available, and a shamelessly entertaining and funny array of gifts (t-shirts, mugs, magnets, signs, cards, and more). Here are a few select items they carry:

Loehr Animal Behavior (www.loehranimalbehavior.com)

Above are just a few of our favorite things. Click Here to read the comprehensive gift guide.

To read more about Dog-Ed, Sit, Stay, Bark and Play, Mindful Mutz, The Dog Door Canine Services, Loehr Animal Behavior Service, and Pet Behavior Aid and what wonderful services, classes and behavior help they offer, please visit: http://www.ahna.net/recommended-certified-trainers

Two gifts that never go out of style are the gift of health and the gift of giving! Annual physical exam, routine dental care and preventive medication are gifts that give all year round. If you have finished your holiday shopping, please consider donating to the AHNA Pet Food Drive and give a homeless pet a chance.