40 Years at AHNA!

We want to recognize an amazing technician who is celebrating 40 years with Animal Hospital of North Asheville this month. After graduating from Warren Wilson College, Mary was hired on as the first technician at AHNA in 1978.

Mary is part of our wonderful specialized dental team, and also manages our inventory. She is compassionate, dedicated, hard-working, extremely knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. She is a beloved part of AHNA! We want to thank her for being with us for 40 years, and we invite you to congratulate Mary, too! We love you, Mary! Thank you for all you do!

Just a few examples of the outpouring of love Mary has received from past and present coworkers and clients:

Mary is amazing! I am honored to work with such a talented technician! - Katie

Thank you, Mary!!! You will always be in my heart of Memories! D-O-G was one of your firsts!! You are definitely loved by many!! Hugging you!! - Lagatha

Mary, you are such a pleasure. Thanks for your kindness​ - Doug

Congratulations Mary. Well Deserved!! Mary I remember when we were the only two employees working at AHNA with Dr Betsy and Dr Dave Thompson. Glad to hear you’re happy. - Diane

Awesome!!!! I worked at AHNA when I was in college and Mary was fun to work with and willing to teach. - Sara

Mary's an amazing, compassionate, talented and FUNNY person. AHNA wouldn't be the incredible place it is without Mary!! - Cindy


Mary, congratulations on 40 yrs. with AHNA. That's simply amazing!! YOU GO GIRL!!