5000 Pounds of Pet Food Donated!

We are sending out a big thank you to everyone who brought in cat or dog food, blankets, toys or treats during our Holiday Pet Food Drive! Thank you from everyone at AHNA! The AHNA Annual Pet Food Drive was a huge success again this year with over 5000 pounds of cat and dog food donated along with lots of treats, toys and blankets. We were all so touched by the generosity of the community. One amazing young girl even asked her friends to donate pet food to our drive instead of giving her birthday presents!

Animal Hospital of North Asheville  will purchase and send out an additional 2000 pounds of food a little later in the year, once some of this food is used up. Donations from our annual Pet Food Drive are divided between Asheville Humane Society, Brother Wolf, and the Meals On Wheels Pet Food Program. Each organization sent volunteers or staff to pick up the food and they all expressed such appreciation as they know how much the food will mean to needy pets in our community. Thank you for your generosity!

First of 2 loads of food picked up by Brother Wolf! Their car couldn't hold all the food!