A Life Threatening Blood Clot in Cats

It seems at times that cats can relish in being obvious: it's hard to miss a cat lying on your keyboard while you're trying to work, or informing you of his desire to eat breakfast while you're trying to catch a few more winks. Sometimes our feline friends just refuse to be ignored! Even so, we can't deny the other more mysterious side to cat behavior. Why does my cat so often prefer a discarded cardboard box to the expensive bed I picked out especially for her? Or decide that 2 o’clock in the morning is the perfect time to play?
Aside from these lighthearted examples, there's also a more serious side to your cat's ability to hold his cards close to his chest: cats are known for hiding signs of pain or illness, even when the illness is serious (this is one reason why your cat's annual wellness examination is so important). One such condition is heart disease, which often goes undetected by even the most observant pet parent. The most common heart disease in cats, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, does not always present early warning signs for owners or veterinarians. Unfortunately, some owners don't realize their cat has heart disease until it causes a medical emergency called saddle thrombus: suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, their cat can't walk and is in severe pain.
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