AHNA Annual Holiday Pet Food Drive Supplies 8000 Pounds of Pet Food

Thank you to everyone who donated cat food, dog food, blankets, toys, treats or money to the AHNA Annual Holiday Pet Food Drive. The caring and generosity that you showed for needy dogs and cats was heartwarming and made the AHNA staff joyous as we watched the food and supplies pour in for needy pets. By the end of our Annual Holiday Pet Food Drive, our Education Room was loaded, and we carefully divided the food and supplies into piles for Asheville Humane Society, Meals on Wheels Pet Food Program, and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.

It was a wee bit warmer than previous years when the organizations picked up their portion of the food and supplies. Meals on Wheels and Brother Wolf sent their big vans, but we had a challenge fitting the donations into the pickup truck sent by Asheville Humane Society; however, with effort, we did it, and the food was on the way to hungry dogs and cats.

Each organization received approximately 1,800 pounds of food.  Some of our friends and clients made monetary donations, and AHNA matched more than 2,000 pounds and will be sending a check for each organization to purchase more food when supplies run low again. We are proud to say that the AHNA Annual Holiday Food Drive, all total, will supply approximately 8,000 pounds of food for needy pets in our community. Thank you to everyone who made this possible and thank you to these wonderful organizations who work so hard to alleviate hunger in dogs and cats!