AHNA Holiday "Warm Hearts * Full Bellies" Pet Food Drive

The outpouring of support for our Holiday Pet Food Drive was amazing! We want to thank everyone who donated food, monetary gifts, and supplies. This year not only did we raise over 3,110 pounds of food but we also received a record number of supplies and beds for pets in our community. All the donations are going to support Asheville Humane Society, Meals on Wheels of Buncombe County, and Asheville Cat Weirdos. The donations support animals in the Asheville Humane Society's shelter and adoption center, along with helping families in need in the community through their different programs. Donated food and supplies are also helping to restock the food pantries of Meals on Wheels of Buncombe County and Asheville Cat Weirdos. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for helping fill bellies in our community.

Asheville Humane Society

Asheville Humane Society provides medical care, emotional and behavioral support to animals in their adoption center as well as providing programs for the community (pet food and vet assistance, lost and found pet resources, safety net program, low-cost spay and neutering, microchip and vaccine resources).

Meals on Wheels of Buncombe County

The mission of Meals on Wheels of Asheville-Buncombe County is to provide hot, nutritious meals to the elderly homebound, thus allowing them to live in their own homes, among familiar surroundings and maintain their dignity while aging. Providing pet food ensures that the elderly are eating their meals and not feeding them to their furry friends. They also don't have to face the possibility of giving up their companions.

Asheville Cat Weirdos

Asheville Cat Weirdos started as a Facebook group to share the love and photos of cats, but during this process, the organizers realized that there was a need in the cat community for help with unexpected expenses. The Asheville Cat Weirdo Emergency Fund was born. They provide veterinary assistance and cat food assistance.