AHNA Patient Helps Rescue a Neighbor!

By Gypsy’s owner, Ms. DeLong

I adopted Gypsy, a very sweet miniature poodle mix, from Asheville Humane Society on Christmas Eve. She has brought much joy to my life.  She sits in my lap, snuggles with me in bed, and makes me take long, brisk walks around the neighborhood, even in bad weather, which doesn’t seem to bother her.

One evening when I got home from work, I took Gypsy out for a walk.  We were returning home when Gypsy started pulling on the leash towards my next door neighbor’s house. She barked and seemed very interested in something I couldn’t see or hear. I thought it might just be a cat or other animal, so I kept walking. It was very cold and I just wanted to get inside and get warm. She kept trying to go back to my neighbor’s house even when we had reached my front walk. So I had second thoughts and decided to go back and check it out.  My neighbor is an elderly woman who lives alone. When I got up close to her house, I could hear her calling for help from inside her garage. I ran back to my house, left Gypsy inside and grabbed my cell phone to call 911.

The fire department and ambulance responded quickly. They had to break through a window to get into the house. They found my neighbor lying on the floor of her garage. She had hit her head and wasn’t able to get up. She had been lying on that concrete floor in the cold and dark for six hours! I hate to think what would have happened if she had spent the night lying on that cold floor. Because of Gypsy, she was rescued and taken to the hospital, and now is recovering from her ordeal.

Gypsy has given me so much, and now she is even helping my neighbors. She is truly a blessing.