AHNA Puppy Preschool: Parents’ Night

We invite Puppy Parents to AHNA Puppy Preschool's Parents’ Night.

Due to the recent outbreak of a new strain of influenza, we have temporarily cancelled Puppy Preschool. Starting August 13th, instead of Puppy Preschool, we will have Puppy Parents’ Night each Thursday to teach you training tips, at home socialization ideas, general health care, handling skills and activity ideas to do at home with your puppy until we can resume Puppy Preschool with puppy socialization. Even though the puppies are not able to attend, each week our puppy parents will have the opportunity to gain information and skills on different topics during these informal classes.

August 13th, Puppy Parents’ night will cover the following topics: Clicker training tips, gentle handling techniques and puzzle toys

We ask you to please leave your puppies at home during this class until we are able to resume our Puppy Preschool with puppy to puppy socialization and playtime. Until further notice, these free sessions are for the parents only. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us by email: ahnapuppypreschool@ahna.net or 828-253-3393