Always Continuing to Learn at AHNA

These past few months have been busy with many of our veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians and support staff attending a variety of continuing education conferences and workshops. Along with the below, Drs. Duncan, Wootten, Plankenhorn and Golden all attended national veterinary conferences earlier in the year.

Dr. Mathew Goetz began his continuing education for 2014 by attending four full days of class at the North American Veterinary Conference in January, along with Drs. Dave and Betsy Thompson. The North American Veterinary Conference is the largest in the world and takes place in three huge hotels in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  Leaders in veterinary knowledge from all over the world are featured, and there are always over 20 different classes going on simultaneously all day, each day and into the night. Unfortunately, due to a flight delay in Atlanta, Dr. Goetz had to miss the first day of the conference which greatly disappointed him.  Back in the summer, Dr. Goetz, along with Dr. Betsy Thompson, had signed up to take a small, all day, hands-on behavior workshop that was taught by world renowned veterinary behaviorists.  Fortunately, the conference allowed Dr. Dave Thompson to attend the small class in Dr. Goetz’s place, and it turned out to be an amazing experience for Drs. Dave and Betsy as they learned the latest ways to avoid stressing veterinary patients, which they were able to later pass onto to Dr. Goetz and everyone at AHNA.   Dr. Goetz has certainly made up for missing that day of class as he has been busy all year attending classes. He has attended four different conferences and over 60 hours of continuing education focusing on the latest information in ultrasound imaging at the Academy of Ultrasound Imaging. He finished up his latest session this past October in Dallas, Texas with a focus on advanced cardiac ultrasound. He has flown all over the country this year in his quest for the latest knowledge.

October was a busy month with Dr. Amy Plankenhorn and Dr. Dennis Golden along with two of our certified veterinary technicians, Robin and Emily, attending Ralph Lee’s Great Smokies Veterinary Conference here in Asheville. Robin and Emily attended several seminars including one on nutrition specializing in hospitalized patients and one on critical care with a focus on urinary blockage problems in cats. Dr. Plankenhorn and Dr. Golden spent their time in seminars presented by Dr. Dennis Chew, a prominent kidney specialist, on kidney disease and calcium disorders along with a seminar on cardiology.

Also in October, certified veterinary technicians, Kelly Brown and Karlyn, attended the NCASAM Great Smokies Veterinary Conference. They attended seminars on therapeutic laser techniques, hematology, pathology, and the latest in anesthesia, critical care and infectious disease.

In November, Dr. Betsy and Dr. Dave Thompson, Dr. Amylisa Parker, Cathy (our client care team supervisor) and Carla (our patient care team supervisor) attended a meeting in Asheville on managing a veterinary hospital and providing high quality veterinary care.

Also in November, certified veterinary technicians Evelyn and Kathy, along with Exam Room Assistant Dorothy, furthered their love of behavior and gentle handling by attending a two day hands-on workshop hosted by Dog-Ed. This Tellington TTouch work shop was taught by International TTouch Instructor Kathy Cascade.  TTouch is a unique approach to training based on compassion and respect for our animal friends. Using a specific form of bodywork and specialized movement exercises, the TTouch Method promotes well-being and improved behavior by reducing stress and physical tension.

Drs. Dave and Betsy Thompson and Dr. Sim, along with certified veterinary technicians Amanda and Emily, spent November 13-16th at the 28th Veterinary Dental Forum in Atlanta learning about the latest in canine and feline dental care and surgery.  This once a year national dental meeting is one of the largest dental meetings in the world and draws veterinary attendees and speakers from all over the world.  Not only does it offer many choices in lectures that occur simultaneously according to level of expertise achieved, it also offers many labs for hands-on learning.  We are proud to say that AHNA’s Dr. Jen Sim was an instructor at one of the hands-on labs. Also featured are demonstrations and displays of the latest dental equipment, supplies and drugs for providing the best, most up-to-date veterinary dental care. More learning occurred in the evenings, as our doctors interacted and attended dinner with board certified veterinary dentists.

Dr. Amylisa Parker just returned from the Conventions for Veterinary Care (CVC) in San Diego, CA which she attended December 4-7. There were over 80 speakers who are leaders in their fields at the conference to share their knowledge on everything from behavior, nutrition, internal medicine, surgery to critical care along with much more. This conference was a mix of class room style learning along with hands-on labs and workshops.

Throughout the year, our staff continues their education not only by traveling to conferences but also by utilizing online webinars and in-hospital classes. We strive to stay abreast of the latest in veterinary medicine so we can offer the best health care possible to our patients.