American Animal Hospital Association Accreditation

With all the excitement of completing our building, we neglected to share with you something we are extremely proud of:  On June 14th, we successfully achieved re-accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)!   This is a big deal in that every single day we live by the standards set by AAHA, and it is rewarding to be recognized for our attention to detail and devotion to the standards.  We are also proud because our hospital was the first hospital to be accredited in Asheville (way back in 1979).  That means 33 years of adhering to the highest standards offered by an accrediting organization.

We really value our membership and the accreditation process, because AAHA is constantly presenting new standards and setting the bar higher for the care that we give.  Our new building actually helped us score higher than ever this this year because our surgery is state of the art (among other new advances, it has separate HVAC system providing positive pressure) and building-wide our new heating and air conditioning system has an energy recovery system. There are hundreds of AAHA standards that we adhere to day in and day out.  During an evaluation, we are checked from top to bottom, including our protocols for patient care, how often our anesthesia machines are calibrated, how much continuing education our doctors and staff receive each year, our spore testing for sterility of our surgical instruments, and everything in between.  Animal Hospital of North Asheville is never interested in just passing an evaluation!  We want to be the very best, and our score reflects that. We love AAHA evaluations!