The Animal Hospital of North Asheville Pharmacy Team

To work in the pharmacy at Animal Hospital of North Asheville, you must love attention to detail as Nan and Sharon do. Both Nan and Sharon are Registered Veterinary Technicians who carefully fill the prescriptions at Animal Hospital of North Asheville. Nan works in the pharmacy 4 days a week, and Sharon steps away from her surgery duties 1 day a week to work in the pharmacy as well.
“I enjoy completing projects,” said Nan, “and that’s what I do all day long. Working in the pharmacy, I complete mini-projects all day long. It gives me a real sense of accomplishment.”
Attention to detail is very important when dealing with potentially life-saving prescriptions. “I feel responsible for each patient,” explained Nan. “The veterinarians work so hard to identify why a pet is feeling bad and to prescribe the most beneficial drug for them. It’s then up to me to ensure that the pet receives the correct drug in the right quantity.”
Everything is meticulously documented to ensure that all pets receive the correct medication.  All prescriptions are also initialed and the date and time is recorded on the invoice for the front desk. The location of the drug in the hospital is also noted. This is all done to ensure that prescriptions are filled correctly. 
Shipments of medication must be inventoried and placed on the shelves as they come in. Nan and Sharon double check to be sure that all medications and vaccines are always in date.  In addition, they stay busy filling medication orders for hospitalized patients, and they also instantly fill the prescriptions that doctors present for patients being seen in the exam rooms as outpatients.
Nan and Sharon enjoy educating clients on medications and how to administer them. “It can sometimes be difficult to give medication to a pet, so if I can help to make it easier for someone then that makes me happy.”
Nan and Sharon also take care of refilling prescriptions. There are 4 ways to communicate your need for a refill to the pharmacy: you can call the front desk, e-mail the Pharmacy on our website:, request a refill through Pet Portals, or leave a message on the Pharmacy voicemail at 828-253-3394. Once a refill request comes in, the Pharmacy Technician confirms the refill with a doctor and then fills the prescription.
Sometimes pets don’t like the taste of a medication, or several medications need to be mixed together into one dose and compounding the drug becomes necessary.  In these cases, we phone orders into The Asheville Compounding Pharmacy on Merrimon Avenue.
“I like the details,” said Nan. “I like consistency and follow-through with clients to make sure they get what they need. I like knowing that my attention to the small things ensures that pets get the medication they need to feel better. I really like my job.”