Animal Hospital of North Asheville Recognized as Rare in the Animal Care Industry: Living Wage Certified

Animal Hospital of North Asheville is proud to announce that we are Living Wage Certified by Just Economics. A Living Wage is the amount that a worker must earn to afford his or her basic necessities, without resorting to public or private assistance. The Living Wage takes in account our cost of living in WNC.

“We are proud to promote Animal Hospital of North Asheville as being Living Wage Certified,” said Mark Hebbard, Living Wage Certification Coordinator.  “It is rare in the animal care industry to provide a Living Wage to all your staff; we encourage our community to support and celebrate this philosophy. Animal Hospital of North Asheville is redefining the term “successful business” by looking beyond profit alone and taking more relevant factors into consideration, such as employees, environment, and our community.”       

Just Economics is a regional membership organization whose mission is to educate, advocate, and organize for a just and sustainable economy that works for all in Western North Carolina. Just Economics has the nation’s largest Living Wage Certification program with over 310 Living Wage Certified employers in WNC.  

At Animal Hospital of North Asheville, we are very proud of our advanced technological equipment, but we know that our most valuable asset is our highly-trained, kind and caring team. Our patients could not possibly get the same level of care without our experienced, dedicated staff. We hire the best and do our part to keep them here long term. We are proud to say that our average team member has been at Animal Hospital of North Asheville for over 10 years! Every one of our staff members go above and beyond the call of duty for your pets every day, and for this reason, we are proud to be Living Wage Certified.


Walmart and others should learn from you. Thank you.

Congratulations on offering a Living Wage to your employees. If more employers followed your example, there would be far less need for safety net programs and far more satisfied and loyal employees.