August is 'Check the Chip' Month!

Pet Spotlight: Microchip Reunites Shiny With His Family After More Than Four Years And 2,000 Miles Away

Animal Hospital of North Asheville was overjoyed to hear this happy story when a sweet black and white dog was recently brought in for a physical exam and wellness care. Four and a half years ago, Shiny’s mom, Michelle Davis, had her heart broken. Her beloved dog, Shiny, disappeared one day. Shiny had a habit of digging out of the yard to visit the neighbors for treats, but on this day, he did not return as usual. The Davises frantically searched the neighborhood but Shiny was nowhere to be found. As the months went on and there was no news on Shiny, Michelle’s heart sank. Still, she knew that Shiny was a real Momma’s boy and their bond was strong, so she always knew he would return if he could and she maintained hope. 

Shiny had a rough start in life.  Michelle rescued him from a bad situation, but he was adored by his second family. Shiny was a lover, not a fighter, which might have saved him after he disappeared once before. That time, Michelle believed he was taken to be a fighting dog, but when he did not fight he was abandoned.  Shiny found his way home and she had Shiny microchipped after he returned home. They wanted to give him the best chance of being returned home if he should ever go missing again. 

The microchip did just that! After Shiny had been missing for four and a half years, this past 4th of July Michelle got a call from the Mendocino County Animal Shelter in Ukiah, California over 2,000 miles away. Shiny was there!  Only Shiny knows what happened and how he got to California, but Michelle was overjoyed to say the least!  

Karen Shavers, an animal lover who has worked with rescues for many years, volunteered to drive Shiny halfway across the United States where Michelle met them. Once they were back home, Michelle brought Shiny in to AHNA for a thorough checkup, and we were all so happy to hear their wonderful story! Please have your pet microchipped, if he or she does not already have a microchip. It can make all the difference!    

To hear more of Shiny’s amazing story, please Click Here.

AUGUST IS “CHECK THE CHIP” MONTH! As Shiny’s story shows, microchips save lives!

This month check your pet’s chip! Things you can do to keep your pet protected:

  • Contact your microchip provider and make sure all your information is current.
  • No microchip, no problem! Contact us today at 253-3393 to make an appointment to have your pet microchipped. Anesthesia is not needed, and the procedure is quick and easy.
  • To learn more about microchips:
  • Have a microchip number but need to know the microchip company? Click Here to enter your pet’s microchip number.