Blessings of 2012

This is the time of year that we tend to count our blessings, and at Animal Hospital of North Asheville, we have so many to count this year! The most obvious thing that may come to your mind is our wonderful new state-of-the-art hospital renovation and addition that was completed in 2012. Yes, we are thrilled to be able to provide an open, comfortable, low stress environment for your pet, but there is one thing that is an even greater blessing: The amazing, thorough, caring, and careful AHNA staff.

We are blessed because the people who work beside us are some of the kindest, the gentlest and the most considerate people you will ever meet! They care for you and your pets in a way that can come only from the heart. No job description or supervisor has the power to make all the little things happen that make the difference between good care and truly great care for you and your pet. Our people sincerely care about each and every patient and client. Our staff’s gentle approach and excellent skills lead to calmer and happier patients, which allows them to heal and recover faster from illness or surgery. 

We are blessed to have an intelligent and well-educated staff. Among us we have 9 DVM degrees, 2 veterinary specialty degrees (a DACVIM and a DABVP), 1 Master’s Degree, 10 Registered Veterinary Technicians, 16 Bachelors of Science, 8 Bachelors of Art and 2 Bachelors of Fine Art. That is a lot of years of study and a whole lot of knowledge!

We are blessed to have experienced staff. On average, staff members at AHNA have worked here over 11 years! This is the key to the excellent care that our patients receive. Our staff members are skilled and know the right way to do things. In addition, their expertise in gentle, low stress care keeps many pets calm and makes their visit or stay here much more enjoyable. The number of years of service that our staff members have is also an indication that our staff members love you, your pets, and each other. They stay because they care about you and enjoy sharing your lives and your pets.  

But one of our greatest blessings of this year is that we have gained some fantastic new staff members!  We feel truly blessed to have gained great people who are bringing us new ideas and expertise. Dr. Caroline Kiss, who is board-certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) in canine and feline practice, joined us this year and is helping provide more dental cleaning and dental surgery appointments. Melissa, Jodi, Emily and Jen, all registered veterinary technicians, have brought skills, new ideas, new knowledge, and very gentle, caring hands. Crystal and Katherine have brought knowledge, talents and cheer to the front desk. Andrea has brought her gentle nursing skills to care for our hospitalized patients. Everyone is thrilled to have Eva and Michelle with us because they are amazing in their ability to keep our facility clean and organized. Last, but not least, is Todd who has joined us to repair, install, fix and build all the many things that we need to keep the hospital running smoothly. We feel very lucky that they have joined our team!

We are indeed blessed to work with these wonderful people day in and day out, but we are also blessed to know you, our wonderful clients and your adorable, sweet pets. We thank you for allowing us to share in your lives and share in the lives of your dear pets.

On a totally separate note and possibly at risk of sounding like a broken record, we cannot let the close of 2012 come without one more thank you to Chris Rogers and Patti Glazer of Glazer Architecture. They were great blessings to us in 2012! They got this building right and we are so appreciative. Chris cared about every single detail. Chris and Patti made the building process almost stress free because they were always on top of everything so we did not have to worry! How often do you hear that? Also among of our greatest blessings in 2012 were Dan Taylor and Henry Watts of Beverly-Grant. It is still hard to believe how very kind they were day in and day out as we carried on providing hospital care while they and their crews worked. Dan was always so considerate and made sure to arrange his work so that our hospital could function appropriately. He also had very high standards for the quality of work, so we were able to relax and know that we were getting the best. Thank you Chris, Patti, Dan and Henry!