Blood Donors Are Needed

Many people don't realize it, but just like people, dogs have specific blood types. There are dogs that have a universal blood type and in certain circumstances it is necessary to have these dogs donate fresh, whole blood. The Animal Hospital of North Asheville is currently looking for additional blood donors. Donors are used on an as-needed basis and would only donate approximately one time per year. There will be a selection process starting with the qualifications listed below.

  • Must be between the ages of 2 and 8.
  • Must be current on vaccines and annual exams.
  • Must be on Heartworm preventative all year.
  • Must have a calm, non-fearful personality.
  • Must be at LEAST 60lbs.

The animal hospital would provide the blood test necessary to find out your dog’s blood type. You will need to complete the application process before this testing would be done. Additionally, you and your dog will need to attend a brief meeting with the veterinary technician in charge of  the blood donor program.

Please, serious inquiries only. Ask to speak to Jen for more info. She is here Tuesday thru Friday and can be reached by phone from 11am until 8:00 pm at 828-253-3393 or you can email questions to Jen at

Pictured above and right is adorable doggy supermodel, Ruby Sioux.