Canine Influenza Vaccination Information: Dr. Thompson appears on WLOS

WLOS recently came to Animal Hospital of North Asheville unsolicited and filmed a segment on Canine Influenza. Before you watch the segment, we would like to clarify that dogs not previously vaccinated with bivalent vaccine for H3N2 and H3N8 Canine Influenza require a series of two vaccinations two to four weeks apart at a total cost of $79. Peak immunity occurs two weeks after the second vaccination.  Please do not confuse Canine Influenza with Parainfluenza which is a completely different virus that most dogs have been vaccinated against for years. The bivalent Influenza vaccine that protects against two strains of Canine Influenza was first available in December 2016, so not many dogs had previously been vaccinated with the bivalent vaccine. There is no exam fee or any additional charge for established patients when they come in for vaccination for Influenza. If you would like to have your dog vaccinated for Influenza, please call for a time to come in.

Please Click Here to watch the segment and read the article.