Children Learn About Veterinary Medicine from Dr. Riggle

In July, Dr. Riggle and Sharon Ammons spoke to 31 day campers, ages 4-12, about veterinary medicine. They took Macy, Dr. Riggle's son's dog, to help out. Macy was quite the hit with the children! 

Dr. Riggle and Sharon talked about why dogs and cats come to see a veterinarian and they showed, with Macy’s help, all the things a veterinarian looks for and examines when a pet comes to the hospital. Macy had a physical exam in front of the children, and each child was able to listen to her heart - she was a model patient! They showed interesting examples of some of the technology in our hospital, including a radiograph that showed a cocker spaniel that swallowed a tennis ball. They discussed surgery and demonstrated how a veterinary surgeon dresses for surgery. One of the children at the camp was chosen to put on a gown and mask; perhaps he’s a future veterinarian! They also discussed how we approach surgery with a dog and cat, and how careful we are with anesthesia and pain control.

Next, Dr. Riggle and Sharon discussed the amount of education that a veterinarian and veterinary technician is required to complete. They told the children that you must work hard and get good grades in order to be accepted into veterinary school and encouraged the children to do their best no matter what they want to be when they grow up.

Dr. Riggle and Sharon had a wonderful time with the children, who were so excited about learning more about what happens in an animal hospital. They asked many thoughtful questions and were respectful and gentle with Macy. Macy had a good time as well! She thoroughly enjoyed all the loving attention the children lavished on her.