Congrats to Our Newest Veterinary Technician

Animal Hospital of North Asheville is so proud to have eleven certified veterinary technicians on our staff, the newest of which is Robin Pierce. All of our veterinary technicians have studied and worked extremely hard to obtain their degrees. They are trained in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, anesthesiology, pharmacology - the list goes on and on. Not only do they have to attend classes for two years or more at a college or technical school and pass lots of courses, they have to pass an extremely intensive National Board test, and then they must pass a test given by the North Carolina State Board of Veterinary Medicine. Additionally, they are required to keep current in the world of veterinary technology by attending continuing education classes throughout their careers.

We are so lucky to have these conscientious, well-educated people who are devoting their lives to the compassionate care of our patients. Just like veterinarians, they have committed their lives to one of the most rewarding careers - caring for and helping pets. 

Robin began working at AHNA in 2004. By the fall of 2007, she realized that she wanted to further her education, and so she enrolled in the veterinary technician program at AB Tech. She graduated in 2010.

“It took me an extra year to graduate because while I was in school I became pregnant with my son, Sylvan. I wouldn’t have been able to graduate without my husband Laine’s help and support. Also, everyone at AHNA was great. They were incredibly supportive about my going to school.”

Robin took the national exam in December and the state exam in February, and she is now a registered veterinary technician and carries the degree, RVT, after her name. 

“I learned so much in my classes,” said Robin. “One of my first classes was also one of my favorites, Anatomy and Physiology. You cannot learn enough on these subjects. I also enjoyed a Nutrition class that I took. It taught me that there is so much you can do in terms of healing disease with good nutrition.

Robin deserves to be congratulated for her outstanding accomplishments! She juggled working at AHNA with giving birth to and mothering an amazing child as well as completing a tough course of study ending with full veterinary technician certification!   Robin now has incredible medical knowledge and skills, which make her very valuable in technically providing the best of care, but what her patients appreciate the most is her calm, gentle nature and the love she shows to them.  Since she joined us in 2004, one thing has not changed:  Robin always gives each patient the utmost consideration as she gently cares for and comforts them.