Congratulations to our Canine Graduates!

AHNA was proud to host Saturday training classes by Jenny White, CPDT-KA of Dog-Ed, throughout the year. During these classes the canine students and their families learned a variety of skills and basic manners. Students began with Jenny’s Free Help Session called Unleash the Possibilities, which teaches the basics of how canines learn and how to use this information during training. The next step was the Concentration class, which taught families and canines how to focus despite distractions. Additional class topics varied from politely walking on leash, creating an "on" and "off" switch, help with impulse control and much more!

Our recent Saturday training classes include:

Concentration: Learning to focus despite distractions.

The families who participated in the two week Concentration Training Classes learned valuable skills on how to help their dogs achieve focus despite distractions. This is an especially valuable skill when lots of people are around or the pet is in a new environment. Jenny taught techniques on how to shift the dog's attention from the distraction back to the family.

Simon Says: Sit, Stand and all that Jazz!

In this two week training class, Jenny worked with families to teach their dog solid "sit" and "down" behaviors, along with “stand” and hand targeting. She provided guidance and support on training fundamental positions along with many different techniques that can be used to train dogs through positive reinforcement.

Congratulations to our training class graduates! We are proud of your dedication to learning and providing positive experiences for your dog.