Congratulations to our Superstar Saturday Dog-Ed Training Graduates!

Congratulations to the dedicated families who participated with their canine companions in Dog-Ed's recent Saturday Training classes held in the AHNA Education Room. These classes, taught by Jenny White, CPDT-KA of Dog-Ed, were not only fun filled but they help families to teach and strengthen basic manners. Jenny's classes strengthen the bond between families and their pets while helping the dogs become polite members of the community.

During the once weekly classes of the "Concentration" Training Class, registered attendees each brought their canine companion to learn how to focus and how to shift the companion’s focus back to them during distractions. New environments, people, and other dogs are examples of challenges for which Jenny White, CPDT-KA taught participants focusing skills.  After completing the concentration class, these families have learned the foundation of gaining their dog's attention and setting up their dog for success in their next level of training manners, such as polite walking on leash, coming when called and much more.

Several families participated in the most recent Follow Me! Learn to Enjoy Walks With Your Dog Again. This series of classes helped families become skilled at loose leash walking along with helping their dogs focus during distractions and strengthen their mechanical and motivational skills so future walks will be more pleasurable. All the hard work and success the families achieved in 4 short weeks shows.

We want to say a big “way to go!” to all the families who participated in the Saturday Training classes. You are setting your dog up for success in life, helping them become a polite canine citizen and, most importantly, spending time and building a special lifelong bond with your very special canine companion.

Classes like these are different from the Free (People-only) Behavior Help sessions that we have here at Animal Hospital of North Asheville on specific weekday evenings. While the Free sessions require no registration, registration and payment is required for the Saturday classes that dogs attend along with a caregiver. Dogs and their people love these classes as they are fun and are taught using positive reinforcement. To learn more about upcoming Saturday Training classes at AHNA or future classes taught by Jenny White, CPDT-KA of Dog-Ed please visit: or AHNA's Events Facebook page.