A Day in the Life of a Client Care Team Member

The Client Care Team of Animal Hospital of North Asheville Mission Statement

“Our mission, as the Client Care Team of The Animal Hospital of North Asheville, is to provide, in an informed and caring manner, to you, our valued client, the information and services that you seek to better care for your pet. To never assume limits on your care and love for that pet and to meet your needs in a manner that we ourselves would expect for our own pets.”

When visiting AHNA, the first and last faces you will see are those of our Client Care Team members (CCTs).  It is their job to welcome you and make you and your pet feel comfortable and relaxed. They make a point of knowing who is coming in the front door and why they are coming, ensuring your visit is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

As is the case with seasoned pros (on average our CCTs have been with AHNA for over ten and a half years!), the CCTs make a very challenging job appear easy. Each day is different and unpredictable in the life of a CCT and each face, whether familiar or new, signals a new adventure and opportunity.  There are days filled with happy puppies, kittens, and pets in for their yearly wellness exams.  And then there are less carefree days packed with time sensitive emergencies and clients who have made the extremely difficult decision to say goodbye to their four-legged family member. It's the CCTs’ responsibility to be there for our clients and our patients in whatever capacity they need. Sometimes that means being a shoulder to lean on or even cry on, giving a hug, and being a sympathetic ear. 

The CCTs take pride in the relationships they build with our clients and patients. They take pleasure in recognizing our clients and the shared appreciation for their furry loved ones. CCTs love giving out delicious treats in the waiting room and are often rewarded with looks of expectation and tail wags from pets who remember that these friendly ladies have goodies for them.

The CCTs take seriously the question, "How can I help you today?" They efficiently get our clients in to see the doctors, letting the Exam Room Assistant know they have arrived, and taking care of the necessary paperwork. The CCTs take pride in having a calm and stress-free lobby. They orchestrate the placement of dogs with different temperaments so that everyone is happy and secure. When a client is ready to leave, the CCTs make sure they have everything they need and quickly process their invoices.  CCTs are also prepared to quickly respond to emergencies, calling the treatment area for a veterinary technician to assess the patient, and in some cases taking the patient straight to treatment for immediate care. 

The words of two of our CCTs best express what our team members do, and how they feel about their work at AHNA:

The ladies I work with up front are second to none. We support each other in so many ways, and it's a pleasure to be part of such a special team. Of course, like any job, there are necessary duties, which you may not volunteer to do, but it's all in a day’s work and minimized by the joy of being able to give treats and get kisses from our pet patients.  A simple "thank you" from a client for helping them out to their car or fitting them into the schedule at the last minute makes a huge difference in my day. I always look forward to the next day at AHNA.


My job here at AHNA feels more like taking care of friends and family. I get to go to a job I love so very much and see firsthand the impact that "furry children" have in each of our clients’ lives. Pets show us unconditional love and forgive in the blink of an eye. They accept us just the way we are. Because of my job, I get to follow a pet from playful puppy or kittenhood, through the beautiful golden years. I get to welcome new families with open arms to AHNA, and give gentle hugs when it’s time for a family to say goodbye to their precious one. I feel so blessed to have this as my "job.”

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