Dental Team Travels to Nashville for Dental Forum

The Veterinary Dental Forum is an annual continuing education event held in various locations around the country for veterinary professionals. The conference is focused solely on veterinary dentistry, bringing specialists in human, small animal, large animal, and exotic animal dentistry together in one location to spread information and further learning on all types of dentistry and oral surgery.

This year was Dr. Sim's 12th time attending the Veterinary Dental Forum, and she brought with her four members of the dental team from AHNA - Mary, Amanda, Katie, and Katlyn. The team went to Nashville, Tennessee to learn about recent developments and further their training. We learned about up-and-coming advances in dentistry, including stem cell therapies, ways to save teeth and bring them back to 'life', and new products that help make your pet's dentistry procedure go even more smoothly. The team also attended a half day training session on further improving anesthesia safety. AHNA is constantly striving to stay current on the very latest information.