Discounts for Pet Dental Health Month

February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

By: Dr. Dave Thompson

To celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month, we are offering lots of discounts.

All dental care products are discounted 25%. These include:
Poultry Toothpaste and Double Ended Brush Kit
Double Ended Brush
Oral Water Based Rinse (8oz)
Leather Chews,Small Size
Leather Chews, Large Size
MaxiGuard Ora Zn Cleansing Solution
Dentacetic Wipes (25 count)
OraVet Barrier Home Care Kit
Hope Science Periodontal Health EFAC (30 count)

All Sizes of Science Diet t/d (tartar control diet) 10% discount.

We have instructions on how to brush your dog's teeth available at the front desk for FREE!

All pets benefit from home care. Imagine if you personally had a professional cleaning once yearly and NEVER flossed, gargled or brushed. Imagine if you did not receive home care for 16 years. Well, many pets have that experience. Because most pets hide oral discomfort, we never get the signal that something is wrong. There are two thing that we pet owners can do:

  1. "Flip the Lip" and if you see tartar then it is time for a cleaning.
  2. "Smell the Breath" because mouth odor typically indicates infection. I don't like to discuss gross things, but I am your pet's advocate first and foremost.