Do You Want a Dog Park in North Asheville?

We need a show of support for a dog park in North Asheville!  Although a site still has to be found, we are seeking signatures on a petition to the Mayor, City Council and Parks and Recreation Officials of Asheville that simply states the following:

We Want an Attractive, Enclosed and Eco-friendly Off-leash Dog Park in North Asheville

Friends of North Asheville Dog Park are committed to raising money for a dog park that will make Asheville proud! Our dogs deserve a place where they can legally run and sniff and play with their friends off leash. The park will be an asset to the community, enhance property values, and most important, help decrease the behavior problems that can develop when dogs do not regularly run free with their own species. Please spread the word that we need signatures, and most importantly, CLICK HERE now and sign the petition!