Dog Park News

On Tuesday, May 14th, Julie Maccarin will be making a presentation to City Council on behalf of Friends for a North Asheville Dog Park. A possible site for the park has been identified, so she will be requesting Council's endorsement of the group’s efforts, as well as the assignment of City staff to assist in going forward. Friends for a North Asheville Dog Park thanks Councilmember Chris Pelly for all his help during the past few months and for getting the dog park on the agenda for Tuesday, May 14th.

If you would like to have a dog park in North Asheville, please plan to attend this meeting. A large crowd of supporters in attendance will show City Council the widespread community commitment to this dog park. Please make every effort to come, and bring any other like-minded dog-loving friends, neighbors and family. Bring your dog’s leash (not your dog) to the meeting to show support and so that those that are there to promote the dog park can recognize each other.

The meeting will be held in Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall and begins at 5:00 PM. We really hope to see you there!