Dr. Garner and Dr. Loveless Reunited at AHNA

From team building exercises during orientation week in August of 1999 until graduation in the big arena in May of 2003, Drs. Garner and Loveless spent four years as classmates and friends at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine. There were about seventy students in the veterinary class of 2003, but the rigors of veterinary study and the numerous extracurricular activities (intramural softball, anyone?) often translate into memories that last a lifetime even when the graduates go their separate ways. Which is why Dr. Garner and Dr. Loveless are excited to be reunited by working at Animal Hospital of North Asheville together after more than a decade of practice in separate states. From the moment they met again, it was like old times, only instead of collaborating over class notes, they now discuss cases and share experiences with various treatment modalities. They have been overheard telling stories from veterinary school, and exchanging news about other classmates. They are also excited about getting their families together for dinner, where their respective spouses can complain about the number of pets they bring home and their tendency to discuss questionable subjects at meal time. Because as we all know, veterinarians are passionate about their patients.