Employee Pet Spotlight: Meesha

Meesha, a little Beagle with big soulful eyes, had a long difficult journey before she finally found her new home with Amber, a member of Animal Hospital of North Asheville’s Client Care Team, and her partner, Vicki.

Meesha was being cared for at Animal Compassion Network (ACN) when an unfortunate accident occurred; she became spooked while out on a walk, slipped her collar, and ran away. Within minutes of Meesha’s escape, ACN employees and volunteers began the search for her - spreading out to search, calling shelters and animal hospitals, hanging posters, and interviewing neighbors. They also sent out e-mails and posted on Facebook and Craigslist. In short, ACN did everything they could to find Meesha, but a month passed and she was still missing.

A month later, a couple noticed a dog seeking shelter around the outside of their fence. They tried their best to capture her, but she ran and they lost sight of her. The next day they were surprised to see that the little dog was back. She was obviously starving and possibly injured, but once again, their best efforts to save her failed. Frustrated at not being able to save the dog, the couple then called the Biltmore Forest Police Department and the rescue mission moved into high gear. Before long, the scared little Beagle was in an officer's arms and on her way to the station, where she spent a warm, cozy night with some very caring people. The next morning ACN received a call from the Biltmore Forest Police Department telling them that they found Meesha!

Meesha was immediately rushed to Animal Hospital of North Asheville where x-rays determined that she had a fractured ankle and a pelvis broken in three places, most likely from being hit by a car. Her body was also full of buckshot. The doctors weren’t certain how long Meesha had been injured, however, they were certain that she would experience excruciating arthritic pain in that leg later in life. Meesha’s leg needed to be amputated. ACN received guidance from Drs. Duncan and Earley at AHNA and a third opinion from Dr. Crouch at Western Carolina Veterinary Surgery, and all were in agreement on this course of action for Meesha. Dr. Earley performed the surgery and it was a success.

Meesha was resting comfortably at AHNA when another miracle happened in her life – she found her new home. Amber had fallen in love with her at Meesha’s  very first visit to AHNA several months earlier. Amber was sick with worry the whole month Meesha was missing and thrilled to be able to care for her during recovery. Amber decided to adopt Meesha!

Meesha is now happy and settled in to her new home. This is what Amber has to say about the new member of her family:

She finally started barking! This is big. The day we picked her up, her foster mother said that Meesha had not made a peep. We were hoping this would change due to our love for the hound dog bay. Just yesterday our hearts were filled with joy upon hearing her cute Beagle bark! I felt as if this was her way of letting us know, "I’m home."

She sleeps in bed with us, lays on the couch with us, and RUNS around so fast in the backyard - and now the whole pack runs in the backyard chasing lord knows what! We sat in the backyard yesterday and just laughed.

We are so fortunate to have her as a new addition to our family. She fits in perfectly. We love her so much. I know that with time she will grow to trust us even more, and her personality will blossom. All we can do is encourage her, comfort her, and let her know she is loved and safe with us.


We have no doubt that Meesha is exactly where she belongs! The image of her running around your yard on her three little legs with her new pack is more than we could have dreamed of for her. She's finally getting to know what it's like to be a dog! When she's ready, will you please bring her by ACN's Pet Harmony so we can see her? It's strange to write this from a roomful of barking dogs, but we all can't wait to hear her bark.

A huge thanks to you and your family, Amber, as well as Dr. Earley and the great staff at AHNA for Meesha's full recovery and a lifetime of happiness to come.

Eileen -

I'm passing your lovely message along to Amber and Dr. Earley!