Freeway: Employee Pet Spotlight

Eleven years ago, Eileen Bouressa of Animal Compassion Network found a 6-month-old Jack Russell Terrier mix on the interstate. He was a little guy with a broken leg. Eileen brought him to the Animal Hospital of North Asheville and named him Freeway.

“He looked at me and I knew I was going to bring him home,” said Dr. Earley. “I couldn’t say no.” Dr. Earley fixed Freeway’s leg and adopted him. “Although I’m the one who took him home, he really is my wife Georgia’s baby. We call him the little white shadow of the house because he follows her everywhere. He is always demanding what we call ‘hippy rubs’ from her. That’s basically just a good butt scratch.”

Freeway may be a small dog, weighing in at only 37 pounds, but he is BIG in personality.

“He thinks he is the boss of all of our pets, but he isn’t. Don’t tell him I said that!” said Dr. Earley. “His favorite thing to do is take a nap with his Mommy, but he also loves to grab our other dogs by their legs and pull their legs right out from under them. The other dogs don’t find it nearly as amusing as Freeway does. He also likes to sleep upside down on the sofa, and he loves pancakes on Sunday mornings. He doesn’t do tricks – we do tricks for him.”

“He has a real thing for stuffed toys; his favorite is a stuffed duck. It is his security blanket. When you call him, he goes and gets a toy first, and then he runs up to you with a toy. He basically has a toy in his mouth all the time.”

Freeway is also adamant about the things he doesn’t like. “He HATES baths,” said Dr. Earley. “He really does hate being given a bath, but on the flip side, he loves to have his teeth brushed. His greatest nemeses are lightening bugs. He can’t figure out where those little lights disappear to.”

“He’s a very affectionate and loving dog. If his Mommy is sad, he licks her tears away. He also gives hugs. We kneel down and he puts his paws on our shoulders. There’s nothing like a hug from Freeway.”


My husband Brian was quick to remind me that while it was I who spotted Freeway on the side of 40, it was he who crawled into the tunnel of brambles for several feet chasing the little guy. Brian came back out triumphant with torn clothes, long bloody scratches and a squirming Freeway in his arms.

Freeway needed a gentle hand along with significant medical attention, so we took him directly to Dr. Earley. My animals all adore Dr. Earley, but Freeway just melted into his arms and looked right at home. I'm pretty sure he knew he had found his new dad before any of us realized it.

My rescuer's wish is that all Animal Compassion Network foster dogs and cats find a home like the one Freeway found with Georgia and Jim Earley. Thank you!