Friends of North Asheville Dog Park (FNADP) Meeting Notes

The FNADP met on September 9th to hear updates on the proposed Beaverdam site and to discuss ongoing and upcoming tasks and challenges.        

Beaverdam resident Bob Roepnack provided a revised map of the site that excluded the Killian House, which will not be included in the parcel.  He stressed that the entire proposal is in its planning stages, while attempting to obtain answers about environmental and traffic safety impacts, and eventually, to craft a comprehensive, mutually-agreeable Letter of Intent for the park. In the meantime, the Site Design Committee has been doing research on the necessary design elements of high quality dog parks.

Selene Thoms, former owner of the Thoms Estate, spoke briefly about negotiations with the current property owner over the sale of the Killian House to its long-term tenants.

City Council member Chris Pelly provided a status report on the property donation, which is ongoing. City Council will be conducting a work session on Sept. 10th to gather input from staff on traffic patterns and safety, dog park utilization data, models for agreements between the City and community groups, fee-for-service models, and the prospect of raising dog licensing fees (which currently generate $40,000 annually) to support costs associated with maintaining all the dog parks.  Questions were raised about responsibility for park maintenance and alternate access to the park; those issues are still being defined and discussed.

Betsy Thompson again recognized Flori Pate for the donation of the FNADP logo. She also recognized Nancy Alenier for all the work she does writing the minutes and news releases as well as answering all emails.  Betsy thanked Brooke Banther and Laurel Scherer for their invaluable work creating the website which has just gone live ( The website will be undergoing change as we move forward ; eventually it will be configured to accept donations and will include other upgraded features. There are currently more than 250 FNADP Facebook ‘friends.

Joy Flora reviewed the basic terms of the proposed agreement with Asheville Greenworks to manage funds for this venture. That agreement will not be executed until the Letter of Intent for the property donation is finalized. Joy estimated our initial fundraising goal will be in the vicinity of $100,000. The Fundraising Committee was to hold a brief meeting at the conclusion of the large group meeting.

There was additional discussion about the proposed site. Tyler Martin raised a question about using the existing Reynolds Mountain dog park in lieu of the Beaverdam site. Julie Maccarin explained that the small, rudimentary park at that location is privately owned and is for residents of the development, not the general public. Joe Lawrence again praised the Beaverdam site as being spectacular for this purpose. A question was asked about the developer’s motivation for donating the property for this use; Betsy Thompson explained that the developer wanted to offer this family-oriented amenity for property owners and the community.

Save the date: The next meeting was tentatively scheduled for Monday, Oct. 14th at 7 p.m. if there are updates or a need for another group meeting at that time.

Nancy Alenier