Friends for North Asheville Dog Park Update

Next Meeting March 4th

An excited crowd of 45 dog lovers met in the Education Room at Animal Hospital of North Asheville on February 4th to generate ideas and share enthusiasm for a public North Asheville off-leash dog park. Animal Hospital of North Asheville was happy to host this independent group that has formed in hopes of creating a wonderful public dog park in North Asheville. Special guests included Asheville City Councilmember Chris Pelly, who has been offering his time to help find suitable property, and Debbie Ivester, from the City’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department, who has experience and expertise in working with the other Asheville dog parks.

The meeting generated lots of great ideas for fundraising, publicity, partnerships, and property. The initial and most challenging goal of the project is to locate a suitable site: 2-3 acres of mostly level and open space with adequate parking and compatible neighbors, ideally in the city limits of North Asheville. We are looking for a site that can be used for, at the very least, ten years. The City of Asheville will maintain the park if it can be located within the city limits. Once the site is secured, fundraising and site design can begin in earnest. 

Ideas should be sent to Please join “Friends for a North Asheville Dog Park” on Facebook to receive updates and share your ideas.

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