Gift Ideas for Your Pet

What do you get for the pet who has everything? Are you looking for some new ideas or a last minute stocking stuffer? Here are a few ideas to help.

For the Pet on the Go

  • Activity specific outerwear to keep your pet safe (cold weather coat, life vest, cooling vest, or reflective breakaway collars for your cats). Ruffwear is a great company for canine outerwear.
  • High Visibility vest - for nighttime runs or off leash time in the woods. Orange vests for you and your dog while out on the trails during hunting season can save a life. 
  • Sleepy Pods - the gift of safe travel. Sleepypods have gone through extensive stress and crash testing. The carriers can be used for both cats and dogs. The Clickit Sport dog car restraint harness is certified by the Center for Pet Safety. 
  • Hiking guides, books, and maps (for the human companion)
  • A long nylon (non-retractable leash) for “sniffie” exploration walks. 
  • Ramps for helping your pet in and out of the car
  • First Aid Kits: Purchase or DIY
  • Clean Dog Kits: DIY with grooming wipes, shampoo, conditioner, spray deodorizer, and towels.

Do you have a Fashion Forward Pup or Cat? 

  • A new collar and updated identification tags. Many local and internet companies offer personalization for collar and identification tags so you can dress your pet with flair!
  • A new harness for walks - Do you have a puller? A Freedom Harness can help. AHNA can help fit your pet for a freedom harness. They come in classic black but they can also be purchased at local pet stores and through online venders in a variety of colors. The Help’Em Up harness is great for senior pets or pets who need a little help getting up and down.
  • Sweaters and booties for the outfit lovers in your life. 
  • Do not leave out your three legged friends - check out gear from Tripawds

Perfect gifts for the “Foodies,” “Einsteins,” and “Curious Georges” of the house:

  • Combine the love of food with fun and natural activities for your cats and dogs by introducing puzzle toys and feeding toys. (our favorite interactive toys)
  • Local treats and homemade cookies

(Caution: Avoid not-so-happy holiday gifts! Treats or jerky from China can cause illness or possible death, Antlers and hard bones can crack teeth, and non USA made rawhides can contain poisonous chemicals) 

“Techie” Toys 

  • See things through your pet’s eyes with pet cameras such as the GoPro or Eyeanimal Cat Camera
  • TAGG GPS pet tracker
  • GoDogGo or iFetch ball tosser
  • Foobler: an interactive smart feeding toy that has time intervals signaled by a bell to stretch out playtime throughout the day when you are gone
  • PetCube and Petchatz are interactive technologies that let you interact with your pet when you are not there
  • Whistle Dog Activity Monitor and FitBark monitor your pet’s activity
  • Folicat cat makes interactive laser toys for cats
  • Sureflap microchip pet doors and feeders use your pet’s existing microchip to allow access to the outdoors or to a certain food dish

Do you have a pet who is a Homebody?

  • Consider new beds, especially for the senior cat and dog at home. Heat and specialty orthopedic beds can be  very soothing to older pets
  • Scratching posts that allow cats to fully extend their legs. Add a little catnip for an extra treat
  • Adaptil, Feliway (stress calming pheromones), Through a Dog or Cat’s Ear musical CD and/or a Thundershirt (made for both cats and dogs) can help calm a stressed or nervous pet

Giving the Gift of a Happy and Healthy New Year is always a great gift!

  • The gift of health care: annual physical exams, routine dental care and preventive medicine
  • Parasite control all year long
  • Toothbrush kit is a great stocking stuffer!
  • The gift of learning and time spending with your pet is priceless! Visit our recommended certified trainers for their latest classes.
  • Giving the gift of “Giving” to help local pets in need! Consider donating the the AHNA Holiday Pet Food Drive in honor of your pet.

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