Handsome Brothers Take on the Town!

You may have seen brothers PugPug and Navy out and about living the good life around Asheville. You cannot miss their good looks and charm!  
Even though Navy and PugPug are not actually related, they have an amazing bond and together they can cause a little mischief, as anyone who has a sibling can attest to. They did not grow up together but they are living their senior years to the fullest in Asheville with their human family Rachael and Peter. 


The story started in 2005 when Navy was adopted by the family from a shelter in New Hampshire. When he was found as a puppy wandering the streets of Nashua, New Hampshire, they didn't believe Navy was a pug due to how underweight he was.  But after a long bath and warm meal, he proved everyone wrong by showing he was all pug. In true pug fashion, Navy LOVES food and will do anything for a treat!  

Rachael and Peter's family expanded with not only Navy, but a Maine Coon cat named Trapper Joe. Trapper Joe was also a stray. Over the last 12 years these two have been inseparable and the official welcome committee for all the 4 legged additions to the family.                                      
Then in 2014, another dog in New England named PugPug was in need of a foster family. He was an emergency surrender to the Pug Rescue of New England, and Rachael and Peter offered to keep him for 2 days on his way to a long-term foster home in Maine.  When Rachael and Peter picked him up, however, they saw that he was in pretty bad shape and needed medical care right away. His nails had triple curled and some of the nails had even grown into his paw pads. He was urinating blood.  PugPug was brought to the emergency veterinary hospital where they trimmed his nails and removed the ones that had grown into his paw pads. The veterinarian also discovered that his urethra was completely blocked with stones. PugPug underwent a Perineal Urethrostomy (PU surgery), which alleviated the blockage and created a new opening for urination. This type of surgery is performed to correct a urethral obstruction, which can be caused by protein plugs, stones, trauma, or scarring (stricture). A urethral obstruction is a serious, life-threatening and painful condition; therefore, urethrostomies are often performed on an emergency basis. PugPug ended up spending almost 2 weeks in the hospital after the surgery.  Due to the need for frequent checkups, PugPug could not travel to the long-term foster family in Maine as planned. Instead, he extended his stay with Rachael and Peter (and Navy and Trapper Joe!), who agreed to become his official foster family.

 At 10 years of age, PugPug was the oldest dog Rachael and Peter had fostered, and by far the sickest.  But he was definitely the one that was really special!  No matter what hurdles he was going through, PugPug seemed to carry on with love, patience, humor and a zest for life. Not only that, while healing from his surgery PugPug had really bonded with Navy.  Rachael and Peter decided it was time to make PugPug part of the family. He was adopted!  Even though some people may say he was a "foster failure," he actually was where he needed to be: home with his forever family.  The love and full life that his new family provides are what everyone dreams of for a rescue pet.                                                                                     

PugPug, Navy, and their wonderful family moved from New England to Asheville in 2015, about 4 months after PugPug was adopted.  Since then this dynamic dog duo has realized they are really a fan of Asheville’s many breweries.  PugPug and his brother Navy love to go with their family to socialize around town.  You may see them with PugPug relaxing in his stroller or cruising in his wheelchair while checking out the sights and sounds of the city.           
Wait, a wheelchair?  That’s right-- if his previous troubles weren’t enough, at the end of 2016 PugPug woke up one day unable to walk and it was discovered that he had herniated two discs in his back.  Once again PugPug faced an emergency surgery and started physical therapy.  It did help him regain some mobility in his hind legs, but due to his age, it was clear that PugPug needed more support. So what is the best way to cruise around town? Wheels!  His family bought him a cart and he took to it right away. He has been in a cart for over a year and it has not slowed him down a bit. He even has another option of hitting the town in his red convertible stroller.                            
These days PugPug is still able to steal his brother’s food when given the chance.  He is able to cruise while visiting his friends while at Animal Hospital of North  Asheville, where his charming and laid back nature shines through.  PugPug and Navy even help support other pets with special needs. They were recently in a race to help raise money and awareness for pets in need of wheelchairs. When Navy and PugPug are not out enjoying the city life, they are at home hanging out with their feline friends.

Navy and PugPug have a great following here at AHNA but if you ever want to meet this dynamic duo, you can usually find them napping at a brewery. You can also follow their adventures on Instagram at @drunkwithpugs.


The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to take your pet to the veterinarian before embarking on your trip. This is all the more important if your pet is travelling for the first time.