Happy Story About Reuniting With a Lost Pet

This is a happy story that highlights the importance of a wonderful organization, Asheville Humane Society, as well as a life-saving invention, pet microchips. Animal Hospital of North Asheville appreciates the excellent job that Asheville Humane Society does scanning for microchips in the pets they care for and reuniting them with their families. Please be sure your pets are microchipped and that the information is up-to-date! Microchips can be implanted in dogs and cats of any age, and pets do not have to be under anesthesia to receive a microchip. As you will read in the following story, it can make all the difference!

At Animal Hospital of North Asheville, we use AVID microchips.  Click here to learn more about microchips.

Sue, nicknamed Zu-Zu, went missing on a cold night back in November. Erin and her family called for her during the night and went out to search again in the morning, finding only Sue's collar at the edge of the woods. The family checked with neighbors, called local shelters and still no sign of Sue. Weeks turned into months, but the family held onto hope that Sue would be found.

On February 13, a stray dog was brought to Asheville Humane Society. When scanned for a microchip, they learned that the lost pup was Sue! Erin and her family finally got the phone call they had been hoping for, and she rushed over to see her long lost friend! Erin recently sent Asheville Humane Society an update: "Thank you all so much for calling us and we are so happy she's home! We've prayed she would come back to us. She has been loved and spoiled ever since she's gotten home!"