Happy Thanksgiving from Animal Hospital of North Asheville

Thanksgiving is a great holiday! It gives us an opportunity to gather for a wonderful meal with our family and friends, but it also is a wonderful occasion to reflect on all of the blessings that we are grateful for. In addition to our individual gratitude, all of us at Animal Hospital of North Asheville are grateful for….

YOU – our wonderful clients! You love your pets as part of your family, and you entrust their care to us. Whether you’re a new member of our family or you’ve been coming here since we opened in 1977, we couldn’t do what we do without you.

OUR PATIENTS – because they are the reason we are here! Our purpose every day is to keep your beloved pets as healthy and happy as they can possibly be. One of the many rewards is that we get to spend our days with the amazing animals that you share your lives with. If we end the day covered in pet hair, drool and cheese, it’s been another great one!

EACH OTHER – the wonderful people at Animal Hospital of North Asheville are the most caring and dedicated people you could ever hope to know! From the “Founding Mother and Father” Drs. Betsy and Dave Thompson to the newest additions to the team, everyone shares the same commitment to provide quality medicine, relieve pain, and reduce fear for all of our patients.

ASHEVILLE – both the place and the community! We are surrounded by natural beauty everywhere we look, every day. These mountains are a great place to live! But Asheville is not just defined by geography. Our city loves animals! There are many pet-friendly restaurants, bars, hotels and attractions, plus the great outdoors to enjoy. We have outstanding animal rescue organizations whose goals become higher and more attainable all the time. And people give generously of their time and their money to continue improving the lives of animals in the Asheville and Buncombe County community.

So THANK YOU from all of us, pass another slice of pie, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!