Health Alert: Deer Ticks

Health Alert:  We are recently seeing deer ticks on pets at a much greater frequency than we have in past years. These ticks are much, much smaller than the ticks that most people are familiar with, so please click on the accompanying links and learn how to recognize them on your pets and human family members. We also felt it important to alert you because these ticks appear in late fall after the larger types of ticks have already subsided and many people have stopped using a tick preventative. Deer ticks can carry Lyme disease which infects pets and people, so please talk to your veterinarian about what prevention is the best for your pet.

Basic Information on Ticks:

Photos of deer ticks:

Other informative links:


What advice do you have for those of us for whom Frontline Plus no longer effectively prevents fleas? I had switched to Advantage for fleas, and daily physical removal for the big ticks. There's no way I can reliably see deer ticks, and I don't want to overdose my dog or have a home infested with fleas. Any solutions?

We are so sorry that you are having problems. There can be many variables and options that we need to discuss with you. Please call 253-3393 and ask to speak with Lorraine. She will be happy to help you!