Help After Hurricane Dorian

Recently, Hurricane Dorian left a path of death and devastation across the Bahamas and parts of the southeastern United States. Not only are the people affected by this terrible storm, but countless animals desperately need help as well. Many people have asked how they can help; here are some of the ways:

Bahamas: The Humane Society of Grand Bahama was hit after floodwaters reached unprecedented areas. Unfortunately many lives were lost but there were a few staff members who stayed to help where they could to save lives. The shelter sustained damage, and food and supplies were lost but the shelter staff continues on helping homeless, lost, injured animals, and pets of the community. With help from compassionate people, the shelter remains hopeful and dedicated. Donations are going to support animals in the shelter, and also for food and supplies to families of the island who are trying to care for their pets after losing everything else.

Donations are accepted through:

GoFundMe Page for "Save The Potcakes Bahamas" by Jacque Petrone 

Kohn Foundation

Pay it Forward for HSGB Shelter Staff 

All proceeds from these sites will directly benefit The Humane Society of Grand Bahama (HSGB). If you cannot donate, you can still help by sharing the links. For updates and stories from the recovery and rebuilding of the Bahamas, please visit the Humane Society of Grand Bahama's Facebook page.

​If you’re interested in adopting a pet from The Humane Society of Grand Bahama, according to their Facebook post, all evacuated animals are being sent to Halo No-Kill Shelter in Florida. Halo No-Kill Shelter is also running a lost-and-found page on Facebook for any pet owners to be reunited with their animals. Donations accepted here.

The Best Friends Animal Society is accepting donations as part of its Disaster Relief Fund and keeping its Facebook page up-to-date with information about animals rescued from Dorian. The society also has a lost-and-found page for pets. And if you want to adopt a pet evacuated from Dorian, you can check this website.

Florida animal rescue group Big Dog Ranch Rescue brought more than 50 dogs over after commissioning a rescue yacht. They are caring for the pups, getting them medical checkups, and looking for homes for the dogs. The donation page is on the rescue group’s website.

The Brandywine Valley SPCA is accepting financial donations to support the feeding, boarding, and care of the animals that were evacuated from the islands. Alternatively, animal lovers can help the shelter stock up on supplies it needs through the organization’s Amazon Wish List.

USA Today has a list of shelters taking in dogs if you’re looking to adopt.

Closer to home, Appalachian Wildlife Rescue is helping wildlife affected by Dorian:

"When hurricanes and other weather tragedies strike, wildlife is affected too. During the last storm, fellow rehabilitators along the coast put out a call for help and those of us out of the hurricane zone jumped into action. It’s a team effort!

The time and dedication from multiple facilities including May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Carolina Waterfowl RescueEdith Allen Wildlife Sanctuary, Saloli CARE and home-based rehabilitators made it possible to move more than 100 orphaned squirrels out of harm's way and into care. The Appalachian Wild Urgent Care facility admitted storm orphans along with the local injured and orphaned squirrels and other animals we receive daily. That makes lots of mouths to feed, wounds to treat and care needed for a chance at life back in the wild.

That is why we are reaching out to you today! Please support this life-saving mission in any way you can and spread the word to let others know about these ways to save wild lives - make a donation, purchase food and supplies from the Wishlist, sign up to Volunteer.
Thanks to your compassion and caring, animals are getting a second chance at life in the wild.

With deep gratitude,
Savannah & Kimberly
Savannah Trantham & Kimberly Brewster
Co-founders Appalachian Wildlife

​Here are the links below: 

May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Carolina Waterfowl Rescue
Edith Allen Wildlife Sanctuary
Saloli CARE 
Appalachian Wild Urgent Care 

Wish List