Help Support Paws On A Mission 2015

Help us support Paws On A Mission’s pet therapy program!  We will be offering you the opportunity to make a donation here at Animal Hospital of North Asheville from April 14 to May 9th!  You may also join us on May 9th for the Paws on Parade Walk at the NC Arboretum. Registration begins at 11am and the walk starts at noon. For more information go to

Animal Hospital of North Asheville is excited to be a sponsor for the Paws on Parade Walk again this year. Many of the 77 wonderful dogs in the Mission pet therapy program are our patients, and we are so grateful for the amazing work they and their people do. Each team of a dog and their pet parent touches hundreds and hundreds of lives through the healing power of pets. By spreading smiles, comfort and encouragement, therapy dogs contribute to an exceptional experience for Mission patients, families and staff. In 2014, 26,937 patients, staff and visitors interacted with Mission’s therapy dogs! Wow, we are lucky to have this program in our community!  

There is no charge for pet therapy services at Mission; the program is 100% funded through grants, events, corporate and individual contributions. We at Animal Hospital of North Asheville are eager to help this program not only because the dogs and their pet parents do so much good for humans, but because of the valuable work these dogs are doing in breaking down the age-old barriers that prevent dogs from visiting people in the hospital as well as barriers that exist in many businesses. The Mission therapy dogs are registered through the Delta Society Pet Partners or Therapy Dogs, Inc. Both organizations are known nationally for best practices. These dogs are engaging and exceedingly well behaved. They are showing society that dogs are not only very valuable to our lives and health, but also that it does work to have dogs in environments where they have not traditionally been allowed. Everyone who witnesses them in action has the seed planted in their mind that allowing dogs in hospitals is a good thing. With the help of these dogs and their responsible human partners, we look forward to a day when your dog does not have to wait alone at home while you visit a family member in the hospital, run errands or even eat in a restaurant.  We want to see those barriers come down so that dogs have the opportunity to enjoy their lives more. We applaud the pet parents of these therapy dogs because these dogs have fantastic, interesting lives.  Pet therapy dogs love their work, and we love seeing dogs have such enriched lives.  Thank you to all the dogs and a really big thank you to their pet parents! Please come out and support the Paws On A Mission pet therapy program on May 9th!

Please note that one of these amazing dogs is an Animal Hospital of North Asheville patient named Misha.  We videoed Misha reading in one of our exam rooms, and she appeared in our AHNA  newsletter last year. She is so amazing that she was recently featured by the Asheville Citizen Times.  In case you missed it, here is the video of Misha reading in one of our exam rooms: