Holiday Party and Holiday Hours

Our wonderful clients, Teri and Greg Siegel, allowed us to have our holiday party at their restaurant, Avenue M, and it was fun! We had 58 people there and we all greatly enjoyed the delicious food! CLICK HERE to view pictures from our recent Holiday Party. We hope they make you laugh!
The average length of employment for the staff at AHNA is over 10 years!  This means tremendous experience and skill for the care of your pet, and it also means that these people have been to a lot of our holiday parties over the years! Some were there for the very first one in 1978!

We are so proud of our wonderful staff who are perhaps some of the kindest, most loving people there are. They are an incredible group of people who are meticulous in the care they provide and care deeply about each and every patient. They will keep AHNA open for the care of outpatients everyday during the holidays except for the following: AHNA will close at noon on December 24th, and will be closed on Saturday, December 25th and January 1st. Additionally we will not hold our 4:00 Acute Care hour on Sunday December 26th. REACH will be open during any hours that AHNA is closed. We are proud that throughout the year AHNA is open so many hours each week (till 8:30 every night during the week and additional hours Satuday and Sunday) and closes as infreqently as possible for holidays. We will be here on the morning of Christmas Eve and all day on New Year's Eve should your pet need us! Thank you for understanding our need to briefly close during the holidays.  

CLICK HERE to view our Holiday Photo Gallery page.