Influenza Update

Our veterinarians at Animal Hospital of North Asheville are continuing to see an occasional coughing dog, but the frequency is about the same as before the Canine Influenza outbreak, and these dogs do not appear to be coughing due to Canine Influenza. There are several infectious organisms that cause dogs to cough, but Canine Influenza generally causes more than a cough. Influenza tends to be much more serious than other infectious coughs and often results in fever, lethargy, a decreased appetite, and possibly pneumonia. Due to the expense involved, we are not testing every coughing dog that we see for Influenza. Based on the clinical signs exhibited by the few coughing dogs we have seen in the last month, Influenza does not appear to be infecting dogs treated at AHNA. Please remember that Influenza could reappear at any time and generally does reappear in areas where there has been an outbreak.


Hi, thanks, AHNA, for keeping me up to date on this. I held off on getting George's nails ground at the local Petsmart because I was afraid of his being exposed to the flu. I will follow your posts to keep track of this.