Information on Canine Influenza

A new strain of influenza (H3N2) is now affecting many dogs in the Asheville area. The primary symptoms are coughing, gagging, nasal and/or eye discharge, lethargy, reduced appetite, and possibly fever. Your dog may not display all of the symptoms, but if your dog is coughing or acting sick, he or she should receive veterinary care.  Animal Hospital of North Asheville is seeing all dogs displaying respiratory symptoms in a different building to avoid exposing our well patients.  Please call for an appointment and instructions on locating the facility. Influenza is highly contagious from dog to dog through direct contact, coughing and sneezing, or being housed together.  It can also be spread by contaminated clothing, objects or surfaces. Since dogs in our area have no immunity to this strain and a vaccine has not been developed for the H3N2 strain, please do not let your dog congregate with other dogs.

The below links provided by the American Veterinary medical Association provide a great deal of information about Canine Influenza and will help with any questions that you have. The links get progressively more detailed as you go down the list.

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