Insomuch: Employee Pet Spotlight

By: Kelly Brown

Insomuch (In-so-much) came into my life after many tragic events. Com’ere (short for Come-here), my fourteen and a half year-old Shepherd/Collie mix passed away and my dog Soever (short for Who-so-ever) and I missed her very much. Soever had never been alone before. She and Com’ere had been friends her whole life; they were inseparable. 

After some time had passed, I felt we were both ready for someone special to come into our hearts, and I was worried about Soever because she seemed lonely and depressed. She desperately needed a companion. Dorothy (who works with me at AHNA) helped me to search, looking online and printing picture after picture of puppies. It took weeks, but we finally found the perfect one. She was a Shepherd mix in a shelter in Tennessee. She was beautiful and I fell in love instantly when I saw her picture. I wasn’t able to pick her up because I was scheduled to work the next day, but a friend of mine kindly volunteered to go all the way to Tennessee and adopt her for me. I was so thankful.

As soon as I met her, I knew she was perfect! It was love at first sight for both my dog Soever and me. I named her Inasmuch (In-as-much). Unfortunately, Soever and I only got to love her for a week. She almost immediately developed *parvovirus (parvo), and we lost her a week to the day of adopting her into our home. Inasmuch had the best medical care available, but parvo is a deadly disease and often fatal. I like to think that Inasmuch had a lifetime of love packed into that one week because everyone at AHNA was pulling for her, but the disease was more than her little body could withstand. Of course, I was devastated, and Soever was once again alone. I needed time to grieve. I had fallen in love again - hard! 

After recovering for two weeks, I began to look again. After three days of searching, a friend contacted me about a stray puppy found in a Walmart parking lot. I took one look at a photo of the puppy and once again I fell instantly in love. I wanted her! After work that day, I went to pick up my new baby. I didn’t think it could happen again, but it did - she was perfect. I brought her back with me to AHNA for an exam, vaccines, and parasite treatment, to take a picture, and to meet everyone there. In only 30 minutes, she learned to sit!

I took her home to meet Soever, who fell in love with her almost as fast as I did. Now it was time to name her. I accidently called her Inasmuch twice. Although I didn’t want to name her Inasmuch, I wanted something close to that name to honor my recently lost friend, so I named her Insomuch (In-so-much). Insomuch fit her perfectly because she is “so much” and more.

Insomuch settled into the family, and we were doing great, but then after four days she also developed signs of parvo. I couldn’t believe it. Even though she was immediately vaccinated as soon as I got her, she had already caught the disease and the virus was incubating in her body, but was not yet to the point of causing symptoms. Insomuch was immediately put on treatment at AHNA. Fortunately, she was much stronger, and she survived. It took about a week for her to get well and back to being a wonderful bouncy puppy - Yeah!

Insomuch has turned out to be a great companion both for Soever and for me. She is also the one that entertains other dogs who come to visit. Insomuch is a very giving dog. She gives back, very generously, by serving as a blood donor at Animal Hospital of North Asheville. She is a universal blood donor which means that her blood type is compatible with all blood types, and since she has beaten parvo, her blood is teaming with antibodies. This makes her an in-demand blood donor, especially for puppies with parvo. Insomuch’s first blood donation was to a litter of puppies that were positive for parvo. I was so proud of her and how perfectly still she sat as we drew her blood. She was only a little over a year old at the time, but it was like she knew how important her gift was for these puppies.

I have been so lucky over the years to have the most wonderful dogs in my life. The love and friendship that they have given me has enriched my life beyond measure. Insomuch is the perfect example of that. She is a complete joy. Soever is happy to have such a good friend, too. We’re both very, very lucky to have Insomuch in our lives.

*Puppies and dogs need vaccinations to protect them from catching parvovirus.

Symptoms of parvovirus – If your pet displays any of these symptoms, contact Animal Hospital of North Asheville immediately.

• Vomiting
• Loss of appetite
• Diarrhea
• Bloody feces
• High fever
• Lethargy

Passed: 1/7/10

2/17/10 - 2/25/10 (Lost the battle to parvo)

Born: 1/2010
Adopted: 3/17/2010