It's National Check the Chip Day on August 15th!

Microchips greatly increase the chance of getting your pet back if he/she is lost or stolen. We have paired with the AVMA to help families check their pet’s microchip and encourage them to update their contact information.

At AHNA we know that your pet’s microchip is very important, so we routinely scan your pet’s microchip to be sure it is still in place during their annual exam each year. We are happy to scan your pet for their microchip at any visit. All you have to do is ask. We also gladly scan any stray pet that is found.

Microchips are very effective for identifying lost pets and reuniting them with their families, but the happy ending can’t occur if the microchip registration isn’t correct – or if the chip has never been registered at all. Do you know how to check your pet’s microchip registration information to make sure it is up to date? Visit, and enter your pet’s microchip number to find out the microchip company’s contact information. The microchips that we insert come with a prepaid lifetime registration, but you must keep your contact information up-to-date.

Please take a few minutes today to check your pet's microchip registration information to make sure it's up-to-date. 

Is your pet not microchipped? Don’t delay. Every pet should have a microchip. It is a simple procedure that is much like getting an injection. It is an invaluable gift to your pet.  Please call to set up an appointment with us today to have your pet chipped.