Kali: An Incredibly Lucky Dog!

By: Dr. Amy Plankenhorn

Meet Kali – a very lucky dog!

Kali is a beautiful, intelligent and loyal 7 year-old girl who might just be the luckiest dog I know. I first met Kali when she was adopted from the Asheville Humane Society as a puppy, and her family absolutely adores her. Kali and her family love to travel and go on outdoor adventures, so she goes along on all of the camping, hiking and canoeing trips that they take. I always love to hear about their trips, and all of the places they have seen and gone. But this summer’s adventure took a scary turn when she slipped and fell into a waterfall!

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Kali and Family Reunited!

During the time Kali was missing, her family was devastated. They knew they had to have a dog in their lives, so they visited Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and found Baillie, an 8 month old lab mix. Fortunately, Baillie and Kali are getting along great, and their family is thrilled to have two wonderful dogs in their lives. Baillie and Kali came in together for examinations after Kali’s return, and they are both healthy and happy. It was great to get some Kali kisses again, and I look forward to getting many more. I think they are BOTH very lucky dogs!