Keep Rabies Vaccinations Current

Please make sure that your pet’s rabies vaccination is up to date!

There are two very important reasons that you must always be careful to never let your pet’s rabies vaccination lapse.  The first reason is the most obvious:  Your pet might actually get rabies, which is a horrible, untreatable and fatal disease. Many wild animals here in Buncombe County have the virus, and you can't tell by looking at them which animals are infected. Rabies occurs in pets when they are bitten by these animals. Even if you think your pet can't be bitten by wildlife, it can still happen; bats can get into the house with your indoor cat, or your dog could encounter a raccoon during a quick "potty trip." There is no blood test for rabies, and a blood titer for antibodies is not accepted as adequate proof of protection. This brings us to the second very important reason: The vaccination of dogs and cats is required by law and there can be consequences for your pet.  If your pet’s rabies vaccination is overdue and he or she comes in contact with a bat or is injured by wildlife, animal control will likely require your pet to be quarantined for six months at an approved quarantine facility.   It is animal control's duty to protect the public from rabies and should the pet come down with the virus, they want the pet to be where no one will be in danger.  Being quarantined for 6 months is no fun for you or your pet!  It is costly to you and stressful for your pet to be away from the home and the people that he or she loves for so long. Just recently, a dog in Ohio that was overdue for a rabies vaccination came down with rabies that he apparently contracted from a raccoon, and a woman in South Carolina recently died from rabies that she apparently caught from a bat.  Rabies is serious and nothing to be casual about! We always send several reminders about rabies vaccinations, and while it is easy to procrastinate or overlook this important detail in your pet’s life, you should never assume that your pet is safe without having the vaccine.  Please feel free to call us or check your pet portal to be sure your pet's rabies vaccine is in date!