Keep Your Pet Safe During Halloween

It’s Halloween time again, and while you’re celebrating this fun holiday, remember these tips to keep your pets safe:

Keep your pets indoors. Plan ahead and get cats inside early in the day, or even the day before, since it might be hard to find them later. During “Trick or Treating” hours, keep pets in a secure and quiet area of the house, not where the front door opens. Please remember that pets don’t understand Halloween and can really suffer when they are scared, so protect them from the sights and sounds. 

Make sure your pet is wearing ID. Your pet may act unpredictably due to be being frightened by the unusual sights and happenings of Halloween and might escape. Frightened pets are hard to capture once they get outdoors.

Be sure your pet has a current rabies vaccination. Even pets who are normally friendly may bite when frightened, and if your pet’s rabies vaccination is not up-to-date, it creates even more problems for you and your pet.

Keep all treats and their wrappers where pets have no chance of getting them. Many dangers lurk in candy.  Most notable are chocolate and raisins which are toxic to pets and can even kill them. Even if the candy is not toxic, if your pet consumes the wrapper with the candy, it may create serious gastrointestinal problems.

Be careful with lit candles around pets.

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Thank you for caring about your pet. Have a great pet-friendly Halloween!