Kim Brophey: Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

At Animal Hospital of North Asheville, we strive to care for all of your pet's health needs, but we realize that there are some challenges, such as behavioral issues, that may require a team-based approach.  For many behavior problems, a treatment plan that includes medical evaluation, behavior modification, and drug therapy is needed.  In other cases, problem-specific training is needed along with general obedience training. In some cases of ongoing behavioral issues, you may benefit from calling on  Kim Brophey.

Kim Brophey has unique qualifications as she is Asheville’s only Internationally Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and is one of 41 Nationally Certified Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) in North Carolina. She owns and operates The Dog Door Canine Services in downtown Asheville and offers in-home private training and consulting. Kim specializes in fear, aggression, anxiety and behavior problem solving. She has a BA in The Applied Relationship between Human and Animal Behavior.

We have observed positive results - less fear, anxiety, etc. - in many of our patients as a result of their working with Kim. While many behavior problems can be challenging, Kim has been an excellent resource for our patients.

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I also left a phone message for Ms. Brophey today. I am writing to inquire if she or any of her associates was involved in the evaluation of a six months old English Springer Spaniel pup that I bred and sold to Kathy and Sam Bell. I was informed yesterday that Bart was evaluated and destroyed within 2.5 weeks of his sale by me to the Bells. If you participated in his destruction, I would like to know if he was destroyed at Animal Hospital of North Asheville on or about late August or early September, 2014. I would also like to know if Ms. Brophey and her associates were aware that I had a contract with the Bells whereby if Bart did not work out for them at any time in his life and particularly in the 2.5 weeks he lived after I sold him to the Bells, he was to be returned to me fora full refund. I want to know why I was not consulted or allowed to come get Bart and bring him home. Thank you for your response. Pat Gresham

The loss of Bart must be devastating.  Please accept our sympathy.  We have searched our records using the information that you provided but can find no record of having ever cared for Bart or served the Bells in capacity.