Kongs Make Post-Op Care Easier

One of the biggest challenges for anyone having surgery is the activity restriction afterward. While people understand why they need to limit activity, dogs and cats don’t. Once they feel better, many cats and dogs are ready to resume play before they should return to normal activity. Puzzle toys are a great activity for cats and dogs to use during daily life, but they can be a lifesaver during times when activity is limited. Puzzle toys and food dispensing toys can help entertain pets and beat boredom by stimulating the dog's or cat's brain. Brain activity doesn’t replace physical activity, but it can actually wear pets out! If your pet is used to playing with puzzle toys as part of daily life, having them available after surgery can make recovery better! Here is a wonderful video produced by Kong filled with tips on using toys during recovery. Kong is a company who makes a wide variety of toys that can help occupy your pet's time in ways that are fun and safe. We do not recommend giving hard bones, antlers, tennis balls with fuzz or Nylabones to your dog due to the high risk of grinding or fracturing teeth.  Kong toys are made of soft rubber, which is gentle on teeth. Both cats and dogs can use this type of toys. We use Kongs in the exam rooms to help promote positive visits to the hospital. We use liver treats in our Kongs but they can also be filled with your dog's own food or other tasty treats, and can be frozen for a bigger challenge.  Looking for more ideas about what to fill your Kong with? visit http://www.kongcompany.com/recipes/