“Lessons” A Tribute to a Special Dog Named Bartlet

“More than anything else, for the rest of my life I will miss his daily reminder that it is possible to live this way all day, every day, under every circumstance life can throw at anyone privileged enough to have a beating heart.” ~ Chris Derienzo, MD

We at the Animal Hospital of North Asheville are blessed with getting to know so many wonderful families. Our staff treasures the chance to care for and share the lives of our furry patients.  Throughout our patients’ lives we get to learn about what makes them special. We cherish this relationship.  One of the hardest events on a family is when they have to say goodbye to a beloved friend.

We were moved when we read this beautiful tribute about a very special canine friend, Bartlet. Bartlet was a thirteen year old lab that lived life to the fullest with the belief that “there is no downside to approaching others with boundless happiness.”

Please take a moment to read the valuable life lessons Bartlet taught his family.